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Prepaid Funerals

Prepaid Funerals

Provide peace of mind for your family

… by planning ahead

with Weldon Funeral Services


A pre-planned funeral with Weldon Funeral Services can spare your family from having to face those financial and emotional decisions at the time of death.

Pre-Planning Form

Reduce the Uncertainty and Unnecessary Stress

Pre-planning that cremation or burial is a decision that will give your family lasting peace of mind.

The burden of stress that comes from indecision or uncertainty will be relieved knowing your wishes have been acted upon accordingly.

Consoling Elderly Lady during time of grief - Weldon Funeral Services Bournemouth Poole Christchurch Dorset
Elderly Man with Grandchild - Weldon Funeral Services Bournemouth Poole Christchurch Dorset
Top 5 Reasons to

Pre-plan Your Funeral

  • Have your final wishes followed
  • Take control of the financial responsibility
  • Ease the stress on your family
  • Personalised celebration of life
  • Funeral payment options
How can we help you?

Pre-Plan Guidance Process

Your pre-arranged funeral is safe in our hands. Our Directors are personally involved with your plans and rest assured you will be meeting with professional funeral directors who provide a second to none service that is well and truly tailored to your specific needs.

  • Meet with our funeral directors.
  • Select the funeral option of your choice.
  • Receive a full itemised statement and agreement.
  • Give the funeral director a payment.
  • Receive a deposit acknowledgment.
Pre-Planning Form

Weldon Funeral Services have experience, show respect and are compassionate. We pride ourselves in helping to drive down the price of funerals. No hidden costs. With Weldon Funeral Services you are safe in our hands.

Anne and Mandy Weldon, Funeral Directors