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Acorn Direct Funeral Package


The Acorn Direct Funeral Package

£950 (£164 will be added where doctors fees are applicable)

This is the Direct Funeral Option.

Your loved one is taken to our preferred Crematorium chapel. There is no service & mourners do not attend. Your loved ones ashes are returned to you in an ecological container.

We’ll come up with just the right plan for your

Family’s particular situation

Memorial Services

What’s Included in the Acorn Direct Funeral Package?

Our experience has shown us that many of today’s families want more than a traditional funeral. This can be done by bringing more of the personality and lifestyle of the deceased into the arrangements.


By displaying photographs or staging the event around a favourite pastime, a memorial service can become more personal and meaningful.

  • Funeral Director’s Professional Services and Advice (24 hours)
  • Care of the deceased in our Chapel of Rest
  • Simple veneered coffin
  • Collection of the Deceased within 30 miles of Bournemouth
  • Viewing in our Chapel of Rest (during office hours)
  • Transportation to the Crematorium and Bearers
  • Funeral Directors attendance
  • Crematorium Fees
  • Return of the cremated remains


We can arrange for displays.

Music and Moods

We can arrange for your requested music.

The Acorn Funeral Package

We always ensure the bereaved families are cared for with dignity, respect, confidentiality and professionalism. We will advise ways of bringing the spirit and essence of the deceased into the burial service.

Please contact us directly so we can discuss your requirements and provide the best tailored service for you and your family according to your location and wishes.
Book a Consultation

Our Services includes:

Meeting in your home or our premises to discuss arrangements and advice on certification, registration and other documentation.

Preparation and care of the deceased.

Attending to the necessary requirements.

Unlimited viewing in our Chapel of Rest (within office hours).

Return of the cremated remains.

The payment of the necessary disbursement fees.

The placing of newspaper notices.

Arrangement for floral tributes.

List of donors if required.

Forwarding of donations to any selected charity.

Making other arrangements as instructed.

Provision and attendance of pall bearers and Funeral Director.

Contact Us for More Details

Weldon Funeral Services Fees

Removal and collection of the deceased.

A Hearse.

A fee for our professional services.

An additional fee of £150 will be applied for any collection out of working hours (Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm).

Additional Items


Provision of a casket and attendance at interment of ashes.

Provision of floral tribute.

Provision of pew cards.

Additional Fees

According to the location and your wishes

Church Fees

Churchyard Fees

Embalming Fees

Newspaper announcements

A Coffin of your choice