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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Weldon Funeral Services

We take great pride in caring for our families

And will Work Tirelessly to provide you with a
Beautiful, lasting tribute to your Loved One.

Proud to serve you, transparently, honestly and genuinely.

Our Job

Our role is to ensure that the family is able to make the decisions they want. In our hands you are safe, we will look after all details of the arrangements, keep you in contact throughout whether you require a simple traditional funeral or a cremation.

Tailored Service

Our aim is a simple one. Provide the funeral you want, need and can feel proud of. We provide choice, care, transparency and flexibility. Whether your approach is traditional, modest, original or personalised further, we will 100% help to honour the life of the person who has passed away. A tailored funeral ensures you make the decisions that are right for you.

Our Prices

We realise the expense of a funeral can be a burden and quite daunting when combined today’s hectic living costs.

We never up-sell, we never inflate prices and we genuinely care about what we do. We do not make money out of misery and distress.

We do not have sister companies offering cheaper lesser services, we do what ever you want at a price you are happy with and can afford.

Serving the Community

We see helping families a privilege and we thank you for giving us the honour of looking after your loved one. It means the world when we receive personal thank you with cards and gifts from families.