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Our Services

We take great pride in offering…

Compassionate, personalised and affordable Funeral Services

Put your mind at ease and feel rest assured that we will provide your family with the highest quality funeral services during your time of need.

We can Handle all the Details

Removal and collection of the deceased

Preparation and care of the deceased

The payment of the necessary disbursement fees

The placing of newspaper notices

Arrangement for floral tributes

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Memorial Services

Personalise the Funeral

Whether you decide upon a burial or a cremation funeral package, our funeral service ensures is fully personalised and meaningful for you and your family.


This can be as reflective of your loved one’s life as you wish by bringing personality and lifestyle into the service arrangements.


Further additional services or details are yours to choose as you see fit, such as the route of the procession.

  • What did your loved one love doing?
  • What was your loved one liked as an individual?
  • What was their profession?
  • How did they shape their life?
  • Was your loved one a spiritual person?
  • Was your loved one proud of their heritage – cultural or ethnic?